Pediatric Wheelchair – Everything You Need to Know

A pediatric wheelchair provide independence, convenience and safety for children who require a wheelchair to get to places. Pediatric wheelchairs, especially those that are motorized, are available in a wide range of materials, features and styles. You can choose from pediatric manual wheelchairs, pediatric power wheelchairs, used pediatric wheelchairs and even sport pediatric wheelchairs.

The basic way to establish whether you’re getting the right pediatric wheelchair or not is to first assess what your child or patient specifically needs. You should evaluate what features and accessories are most helpful based on the individual’s case. Your next step is to make sure you purchase the wheelchair from a widely trusted manufacturer or distributor. Finally, make sure you are looking at solid return policies, expansive warranties and flexible financing options.

Now let’s get more into assessing the quality of the wheelchair you’re considering. The materials and features available today include lightweight design, titanium materials and attachable containers such as bags and baskets. Lightweight designs are great for easier portability and maneuverability. Titanium is an ideal material because it makes the whole construction of the wheelchair stronger and more resilient. You may want to have bags or baskets incorporated with the wheelchair so lunch bags and other items such as groceries can be easily organized and transported.

Before you buy a pediatric wheelchair, look online for reviews and customer feedback. You may also ask for recommendations from suppliers of pediatric wheelchairs as well as medical staff, family and friends. Of course, a really good source to know more about which type of wheelchair to choose is your child’s doctor.