Becoming a Physical Therapist in Pediatrics: Requirements and Duties

Would you like to help children with physical disorders? Then becoming a physical therapist in pediatrics is a great chance to make your dream come true! How to start practicing physical therapy in pediatrics? What are the main requirements and duties of a person working in this field? Read on to find out more about this profession!

Therapists, specializing in pediatrics, work with children who have physical or developmental disorders. They help children with neurological, musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary illnesses to sustain their physical form. You can choose to specialize in a certain illness, such as cerebral palsy, for instance. All depends on your interests and skills.

Your main goal as a professional physical therapist is to apply various treatment techniques to help patients with the inborn diseases to maintain their physical form. It is essential to know exactly the symptoms caused by the illness. This will help you to understand what a child can or cannot do, what treatment to choose, and how much time it will take. Many therapists take continuing educational courses to be informed of latest findings and treatment techniques.

What is the most important for becoming a physical therapist in pediatrics? Experience, of course! Actually, it is essential everywhere! So before you get your license in physical therapy, get some practical experience. Most of physical therapy schools require having previous practice either in volunteer or paid work. If you think of becoming a therapist in pediatrics, try working with children! You can look for a job in rehabilitation centers or physical therapy training programs specializing in pediatrics.

So what are the main requirements for becoming a physical therapist in pediatrics? Well, nothing extraordinary! First of all, get a Bachelor’s degree. Courses in biology, anatomy, chemistry and physics must be included into your curriculum. During your undergraduate education try to find a volunteer or paid work in physical therapy. It should be preferably connected with pediatrics.

With the Bachelor’s degree in hand you can start looking for the graduate physical therapy school that focuses on pediatrics. If you don’t know where to start your research, consider the following schools. They offer programs and degrees in pediatric physical therapy:

University of Delaware
University of Iowa
University of North Carolina

After graduating from a physical therapy school you will be able to apply for state licensing. However, your education won’t end up with getting a license for practicing. Becoming a physical therapist means studying throughout all your career! Your license has to be renewed every two years, so you have to take continuing educational classes to proceed with your work.

So have you found out who are pediatric physical therapists and how to become the one? Then start your career right now!